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Speech therapy courses are not popular in India as other courses, because other courses are already established here. Speech therapy is an allied branch of health sciences related to the disorder of speech a person.

A people have a degree or diploma in speech therapy is called a speech therapist. A speech therapist works with the people who are not able to speak, forming words and sounds. Few examples of speech disorder such as delayed speeches during childhood, stammering, and stuttering. The speech therapist also teaches sign language who are completely incapable of speech.

Eligibility for speech therapy courses:

Who wants to do speech therapy course, A successful career in speech therapy, they can start by looking into undergraduate and graduate courses. They have a need for the background in science.  After completed graduation if people want to study in a speech therapy course, then they can join a Masters in speech therapy is offered by universities.

Courses in speech therapy:

  1.    Master of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
  2.    Bachelor of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
  3.    Diploma in Hearing, Language, and Speech
  4.    Post Graduate Certificate Course in Auditory Verbal Therapy

Course Duration:

3 years of courses are available for masters and bachelor degree and 1-year courses are available for a diploma. Technician course is 2 years long.

At postgraduate course level and formats are available:

  1.    Master’s Degree
  2.    PG Diploma
  3.    PG Certificate
  4.    PhD

Bachelor’s Degree courses:

  1.    B.Sc Audiology
  2.    B.Sc Audiology and Speech Rehabilitation
  3.    B.Sc Audiology and Speech Therapy
  4.    BASLP

Diploma Courses:

Diploma courses are not valued as a bachelor’s degree. Diploma courses are also job oriented and it helps one gain basic speech therapy knowledge. Some courses are:

  •     Diploma in Audiology
  •     Diploma in Audiology and speech therapy
  •     Diploma in the hearing, language, and speech


Both private and government sector provides jobs for them. Therapist mostly works closely with patients (young and old) who are suffering from hearing and speech disorders. They treat such patients using hearing aids, cochlear implants, medications and refer like patients to specialists:

  1.    People who start doing a doctoral degree in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, they can hope to be a part of human resource development at many training and research centers.
  2.    Who did Postgraduates in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, they have a chance in institutions and medical colleges to work as lecturers and master trainers.
  3.    Graduates in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology can practice as independent audiologists and speech-language pathologists.
  4.    Who did Diploma in Hearing, Language and Speech (DHLS) they can work as an assistant in audiologists and speech-language pathologists in special schools and colleges?
  5.    B.Ed. trained teachers can find employment in special schools for children with hearing loss, resource units attached to regular schools and in Integrated Education for Disabled.
  6.    M.Ed. (HI) trained teachers can also get appointed as principals, high school teachers, lecturers, research officers and master trainers in institutions conducting training programmes.


In India, who stated in a government hospital gets a starting salary of around Rs.5000 per month and Private hospitals offer better salaries and benefits.

Salary depends on job profile and sector of the employer where they are stating them career and also qualifications of the employee are matter. Depending upon the starting salary could be anywhere between 8-12K Rupees per month. Salary figure will increase with time and work experience. Outside of India, speech therapists are paid higher salaries.

Institutes and Colleges of speech therapy:

  •     Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped
  •     Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research
  •     All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  •     Gujarat University
  •     University of Bombay
  •     TN Medical College
  •     Osmania University
  •     University of Chennai
  •     University of Mysore
  •     Kasturba Gandhi Medical College
  •     Institute of Speech & Hearing
  •     Institute of Nursing
  •     All India Institute & Special Hearing
  •     JM Institute of Speech & Hearing
  •     Indian Institute of Health Education
  •     Medical Trust Hospital

There some courses are available online for Speech therapist:

Fundamentals of Language Course: This course examines the normal progression of language acquisition, from early childhood through adulthood. It is a common communication disorder, like phonology and stuttering.

Anatomy of Speech and Hearing Course: The normal physical structures of speech production are central to this course. Students explore the ways breathing affects vocal abilities and how the functions of the inner, middle and outer ear affect hearing. This information is then used to examine the manner in which vocal mechanisms and hearing systems are interrelated and how this can impede normal speech.

Phonetics Course: Students in this course explore the phonetic physiology of American speech. The course examines the acoustic components of speech sounds, the specific symbols that represent those sounds and the cultural and linguistic variations that affect children and adolescents with speech disorders.

Audiology Course: This introductory class looks into the relationship between the nature of sound and the normal physical responses of human hearing. It also examines different types and degrees of hearing difficulties, as well as the means used to evaluate hearing loss.

Neurology Course: This online course presents students with an overview of the human nervous system as it relates to hearing and general communication disorders. Students examine characteristic speech symptoms of neurological damage from traumatic brain injuries and diseases that can affect human communication.

Childhood Disorders Course: The normal and abnormal developments of speech, voice, language, and hearing in young children are carefully examined in this online course.

Speech Science Course: Speech science courses look into the theory and practice of screening, measuring, diagnosing and treating common speech disorders.

Introduction to Communication Disorders Course: This course provides an overview of the various speech, language, hearing and swallowing disorders.

Voice Disorders Course: This course prepares speech pathologists to diagnose and treat individuals with voice disorders. Students discuss possible treatment options, including voice substitutes like electrolarynx and esophageal speech.

Motor Speech Disorders Course: In this course, students learn about the scientific underpinnings and clinical manifestations of motor speech disorders. They also prepare to recognize symptoms in children and adults and develop effective treatment strategies.

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