Online House Marketing: 7 Essential Tips on How to Sell a House Online


Nowadays, house hunters are relying more on the internet to find houses for sale while sellers put their products online. The majority of these house hunters start their search for property online.

When the time comes that you decide to put your house on the market, you can promote it on the internet as it’s more convenient to sell it online. Selling your home online can increase the chances of a sale.

According to professional estate agents, selling your house online can give you forty percent assurance of having a deal. As it can give you a fast sale, selling online also can lower your expenses and fees. That’s why it’s preferable to sell your property through this medium. So here are some of the ways on how to sell your house online.

Know Your Market

First and foremost, you have to know your target market and that is the house buyers or the house hunters. Identifying your market is one of the essential online marketing strategies. In this way, in every marketing and promotion you make, you have to make sure to keep your target market informed.

Check Your Competition

Search for property selling websites and sign up to get alerts and updates about property for sale around your area. Checking out your competition is also essential to know the price range of each house. Analyze and compare the rates and come up with the best deal that your target market is looking for.

Photograph the Front Part of Your House

For starters, most house hunters start by looking at online pictures of the house so posting excellent photos of the house is essential. Online posts without photos are less appealing than with those who have.

They say that ‘ the first impression lasts”, so you have to make sure to upload the best photograph of the front of your house. The picture of your home will look better if you trim off the sidewalks and streets. Make the front of your house as presentable as it can be and clear away unnecessary things in the pathway.

Photograph the Exterior of the House

Aside from taking a picture of the front of the house, it’s also a must to take photos in the other exterior areas of your home. Taking photographs of your lawn, backyard, and even the bushes and plants can also add an appeal to your pictures.

If you’re living in a condominium, emphasize the space and shoot the amenities like the pool area, clubhouse, gym, basketball courts, and any facility that can catch the attention of the buyers.

Lastly, if you’re trying to sell your own house, don’t forget to mow the lawn and cut the bushes before taking a photo of the house’ surroundings.

Take Photos of the Interior of the House

After taking photos on the exterior of your house, you can also take pictures in the interior of your home. Interior areas include the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, living room, hallways, and the attic.

Take photos in every corner of the house even if some areas are not that appealing. Before you take the pictures, make sure to turn on the lights and open the blinds to have a brighter atmosphere.

While taking photos inside the house, try to capture the condition of the house and remove unnecessary things such as trash cans and inappropriate decors.

Pay for a Premium Listing

Selling online is like marketing in a worldwide market. Countless competitors are competing, and you’re not even sure if you could sell your house online. The best possible way of getting a fast transaction is to invest in a premium listing.

In this way, your property will be one of the top offer listings and gives you that chance to make a deal faster than to those who didn’t apply for premium listing. It may cost you a little, but it’s essential in selling your house online.

Upload Virtual Tours

Virtual tours or videos about the interior and exterior of your house are also essential for marketing or selling your home online. Virtual tours aren’t just for big houses. It’s good for promotion and marketing and buyers who look for online love virtual tours especially if it’s in “360” mode.

In the video, you can also add the photos that you have taken during the time you’re taking pictures of the exterior and interior of the house. Virtual tours and videos are an excellent type of marketing online.


There are a lot of ways to sell a house online, and these seven tips are the simplest and the most important. If you are looking for references about how to sell a home online, you can look up for some online sites that offer homes for sale in San Bernardino, CA.

There are a lot of samples and ideas on how you can sell your home faster and conveniently. So if you’re trying to sell a house, consider these seven tips for a faster purchase and transaction.

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