Finding it Difficult to Gain Weight and Muscle? Look for a Mass Gainer


Staying fit is on the wish list of almost every person in the world. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to run faster, feel stronger and improve overall health? Exercise is one part of the equation. Being able to hit the gym or perform some cardiovascular exercise has a host of benefits, and can help keep numerous diseases at bay. Improving strength, endurance and flexibility occur only through repetitive practice and training.

Eating out is often the easiest way, especially after a draining day at work. The issue, however, is that such food is usually deficient in nutrients and too high in fats and carbohydrates. Even for those looking to gain weight, eating from such sources isn’t good, since they are low-quality and unhealthy. If you are looking to gain weight and are able to hit the gym consistently, but are unable to eat enough food or cook yourself, then looking for the best mass gainer supplement is your best bet.

Here are some of the components of a mass gainer.

Whey: Derived from milk, whey is the part that is left out when making cottage cheese. It is dried out and made into a powder that can easily be mixed with a vast range of liquids. Water and milk, however, are most preferred. What makes whey such an essential ingredient is the fact that it is quickly absorbed by the body. With more than 80% of the calories coming from protein, it acts as the best ingredient for building muscle and bodybuilding. You will find whey protein supplements sold separately. This is generally for people who aren’t looking to gain weight but just require some more protein in their diet.

Creatine: As one of the most researched supplements on the planet, creatine is often used to increase explosive strength and power. This might lead to drastic increases in performance at the gym immediately, but instead will help build more muscle over a period of time. Almost all athletes across all disciplines use creatine since it has been proven to help improve explosive performance. It is also incredibly cheap, and one needs only as much as 5g a day to see improvements.

BCAAs: Branched Chain Amino Acids are crucial for maintaining muscle mass while dieting. Generally, when one is dieting to lose fat, there will also be a small amount of muscle loss. This is because the body goes into a catabolic (muscle breakdown) state when being supplied with lower amounts of nutrients. When the rate of muscle protein synthesis falls below that of muscle protein breakdown, then muscle loss is bound to occur. BCAAs help reduce the protein breakdown by decreasing the activity of the breakdown pathway. They also stimulate protein synthesis, more than a typical protein molecule.

These are some of the components of the best mass gain protein other than the usual fats and carbohydrates. The fat and carbs generally act as a buffer, ensuring that it tastes delicious and also provides the required number of cal

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