6 Ideas For The Perfect Winter Sweet Sixteen Party


Aww Sweet! Your winter doesn’t have to be all that chill when you know you have the opportunity to make it awesome. Beat the winter blues and make your party the hottest topic of the season with these jaw-dropping tips and ideas we have for you.

But before we talk about that sweet, sweet party you are about to throw, we would like to say congratulations on being sixteen!

They say that sixteen is both an age of curiosity and maturity but what is sure is that it is the perfect age to try out new things.

It is that point in life when young hopefuls taste the bittersweet chunk of young adulthood to discover the world that lies beyond the narrow orb they used to dwell in.

It is that juncture when they begin to shed all their playful antics behind them to welcome the sensible adult they are about to become.

In tradition, the sixteenth birthday of young adult girls are celebrated in a formal or semi-formal event to symbolize her official entry to womanhood. This coming of age commemoration is celebrated worldwide especially in the United States. Without further ado, let’s get this party started!

1) Hot Beverage Bar

Winter can sometimes be tremendously cold. Keep your guests warm and happy by having a hot beverage bar at your Sweet Sixteen Soiree.

It is the more affordable option as compared to a liquor bar (which by the way, you and your friends are still not allowed to drink *wink*).

Serve hot chocolate, warm milk and/or coffee. You may also offer hot cocktails for the adult guests. Also, consider adding a baked goodies section to the beverage bar to complement the drinks.


 2) Fiery Winter Wonderland

 Take advantage of the chilly goodness of the weather and step up your winter party game by incorporating fiery elements to it. Exotic as it may sound, red and blue tones go well together creating a sophisticated sultry feel.

Decorate the venue with fairy lights (preferably white or blue) and make your sweet sixteen one magical night to remember. You can also decorate the place with giant, glittery snowflakes and DIY icicles for added majesty and elegance to the party.

Add mini bonfire decorations too to get that mature vibe symbolizing your transition to womanhood. You can also add warm tones as accents to break the monotony of the winter wonderland theme.

Coordinate with your event rentals especially during the preparing and decorating phase of the place to make sure that all things will go as smoothly as planned. Event rentals offer a wide array of options to choose from so be sure to choose the one that best fits your style.

3) Giant Bonfire Centerpiece

 If the event will be held outdoors, a bonfire will be a sure fire hit with your guests. Not only can they keep themselves warm but they can also take pictures around it. This can be a grand and sophisticated centerpiece for your party which can also symbolize your transformation as a strong independent woman. After all, how often do you see giant bonfire, right?


4) Color Coding

 Consider informing and requesting your guests to don your favorite color. It’s your day after all! You can also tell them what color not to wear so that you’re the only one who gets to wear that color in the event making you stand out more.

 5) Winter Games

 Ignite the holiday spirit by challenging your guests to some fun and exciting games. Incorporating games into the program makes your guests feel more involved and welcomed to the event.

You can go for the classic party games like the ol’ musical chairs, charades, scavenger hunt and newspaper dance. You can also give them a little twist by making them about the sweet sixteen celebrant. Be ready for the barrage of loud competitive screaming and mirthful laughters coming your way!


6) Personalized Party Favors

 Show your appreciation for your guests by giving out DIY party favors. These personalized party favors are not only more affordable but also more sincere. Try baking cookies and wrapping them up in clear transparent bags decorated with a ribbon on top. You can also fill reusable mason jars with sweets or candies.

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